Social Media Focus sounds like marketing jibberish.

But bear with me.

I joined twitter back in the more-innocent-internet days of 2010 or so. I did it mostly because if I can reserve a /jimheskett on any service, I do my best to jump on it.

As a writer, you hear a lot about platform, and the pillars of social media to help hold up that platform. Wait a second… I think I just made a metaphor. Well, lookit me, being all literary and crap.

But it’s possible to spread yourself too thin. That’s why you need social media focus.

Facebook Franco Bouly via Compfight


When I joined twitter, I followed a bunch of indie writers because that’s what the internet told me to do. Influential people. People with lots of clout. But what I discovered was this group of people who did nothing but spam-tweet links to their books all day. I became terribly annoyed with my twitter stream that was nothing but people trying to sell me stuff.

And all those DMs… “thanks for following! Check out my books here!”.

So I changed course. I tried to catch on with this other sub-culture on twitter, the Favstar crowd. Maybe you’ve never heard of them. It’s this group of people who live for stars and retweets by trying to post the funniest stuff possible. I wanted to be like them, so I posted irreverent and off-color tweets every few days.

I had trouble gaining traction. So far, this the most starred/retweeted thing I’ve posted:

As you can see, it doesn’t have a massive reach. I’m funny, but I’m not Favstar funny. I tried to run with the giants, and never quite made it. Along the way, I’ve laughed my ass off at some of the stuff I’ve seen.

But my point about all of this is that you can’t be in every social media sphere at once. I’m pretty good at Facebook and Google+, a little bit on Goodreads, but all my attempts to jump into Pinterest and Twitter haven’t connected. I just don’t get those social platforms. So, for me, those are 80/20 items… do I really want to spend my time on things that I don’t enjoy and bring me little result? I’m not going to waste hours posting on Pinterest boards if I can’t follow up by engaging with other people on that platform. I mean, I have a Pinterest account, but I don’t really give a crap about it.

So focus on the social media platforms that work for you, and leave out the rest. I guess that’s what I’m saying here.

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