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All across the world wide spiderweb, writers blog about how to write, edit, and market material. I find many common notions and universal truths… show don’t tell, don’t be afraid to suck in first draft, don’t join a critique group that meets on Tuesdays, etc. I might have misheard that last one, but I think you get my point.

If you spend enough time investigating writing advice, one Nature vs. Nurture clash always comes up: Plotters vs. Pantsers.

The Plotters spend time before Chapter 1 (or the Prologue, if they’re about to sit down to a 300,000-word sprawling fantasy) writing about what they’re going to write.

Those all in on discovery writing skip all that hogwash and launch into it. They’ll have an idea, or a few intersecting ideas, and then let the story invent itself on the page.

As for me, I’m both. Boom. I just blew your mind.

I plot my story. But I pants my characters. (ew). What I mean is: I choose beforehand how to decide the sequence of events in the story, which always involves a character seeking a goal with challenges in the path of that goal.

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