It’s hard, but don’t give up writing.

At a recent writer’s conference, amid all the workshops and networking, I had the opportunity to speak with two different editors from major publishing houses.

I asked the first editor:

Aside from the quality of writing, what is the main factor that determines a manuscript’s success?

He replied:


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It’s not exactly a vote of confidence to think that your book, which you might slave over for months or years, is in the hands of the fates when it’s out on submission or when it’s indie published and in the hands of the reader-gatekeepers. You want to think that you have control over what’s going to happen; that there are some things you can do to make it a success.

With such a big sea of rejection out there, how do you keep the faith and stave off the desire to abandon the fight; to give up writing?

Then I talked to the second editor. I asked him what he thought about the first editor’s comments, and he said:

All you need is one yes.

And that’s the crux of publishing. Maybe you’ve queried a book before and gotten nothing but rejection letters. Maybe you’ve self-published and the great reviews haven’t started rolling in just yet.

Maybe you’re tempted to give up writing altogether because the odds seem stacked against you.

Don’t give up. All you need is one yes.

Practice your craft. Write, read, take classes, and go to workshops. Join a critique group. Get beta readers. Work with an editor. Maybe even go that extra mile and listen to an awesome podcast like Indie Author Answers. hint hint.

All you need is one yes to make you realize you should never give up writing. Nevah!

If after all my encouragement, it’s not working, don’t fret too much. Just consider this. You could be this woman:

give up writing