Ahh, the terrible unsubscribes.



This screenshot is from a google form I use to collect unsubscribe reasons. As you can see, the most common response is, “life is just too busy.”

If the most common response was that I emailed too often, or they were only interested in new releases, I might need to take a hard look at my newsletter policies.

But: life is too busy.

I get it. My life is busy. Their lives are busy. What they’re saying when they choose that as an unsubscribe reason is that they don’t care enough about being on my email list to prioritize my emails when they come in. These people are not my fans. If they were, they would pay attention to my emails. Read them. Click on them.

So, it’s no big deal when they unsubscribe because they weren’t engaged anyway. The fewer people I have like that on my list, the better I can focus on my real fans; the ones who want to hear from me.

It’s okay to trim your tribe. How else will you find out who your true fans are?