Authors can sometimes live or die by their back matter. You’ll insert links to buy the sequel and links to get people to your freebie to join your mailing list. Right after someone has finished your book is the best time to do this…

Hopefully, they loved your book and will be thrilled to give up their email address to get more. Or, throw down more cash to get the sequel.

But, Amazon has a habit of hiding your backmatter on Kindles by showing their own popup screen when a reader gets to the last page of the “content.” It hides your back matter and makes the reader think they’re done with the book.

So, I’m trying an experiment to combat this. And that is: incentivizing people to want to read my backmatter. I’m adding fun, behind-the-scenes info about each book, and I’m weaving that into the regular backmatter about asking for reviews and offering them my list freebie.

I tell them in the front matter: “read on after the main book for some fun behind the scenes extras!”

Hopefully, this will make people push past the Amazon popover window and want to read the extra content, thereby making sure they see all the back matter I want them to see. Will it work?

Only time will tell.